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New films by the Lightproof Film Collective Members!

Filmmaker: Matthieu Hallé

Milkweed experiment - Milkweed pappi taped onto clear 35mm film and digitally scanned.

Filmmaker: Bridget Farr

Remember When We Made Rainbows,   Impermanence, and motherhood.

Filmmaker:  Penny  McCann

Buses don’t stop here anymore, a Super 8 eulogy for Ottawa's now-defunct Greyhound bus station.  

Filmmaker: Pixie Cram

Passage,  documents the seasons changing in parallel with my daughter as she grows and changes.  






Filmmaker: Dave Johnson

Power and Corruption, forcefully decomposed, hacked up, used, and abused 16mm found footage from the film of the same title by Roman Polansky and narrated by Orson Welles. The footage was then edited and optically printed into a mash-up of sound and image which become a metaphor for the current social and political climate and the inner struggles of those who want to gain power in their everyday lives. 

Filmmaker: Cooper

Oh Canada - Oh Covid documents the opening days of the coronavirus pandemic in Ottawa. Hand processing and tinting/toning techniques transform images of deserted streets and parks into illusory archival footage, shifting an unimaginable present into an unreal past. Photographed on 16mm black and white film and hand-developed in the filmmaker's bathroom using a DIY developer made from timothy hay and Vitamin C supplements, the film's rich colours are created through hand-toning the film using concentrated drink mixes sourced from the local grocery store. 

Filmmaker: Greg Boa

Standard Container is a two projector, superimposed, 16mm film. It uses a simple repeated sequence of camera movements, carefully timed and re-exposed, to create a rhythm of abstract colour forms and symmetries filmed from three standard shipping container storage units. The synthetic image on the screen is accompanied by an electronic modular synthesizer whose minimal self-generating patch is driven by the slow pulse of visual noise. 

Filmmaker: Paul Gordon

 All that's left, a celluloid explosion made from discarded 35mm movie trailers. Created from scavenged leftovers found in local cinemas after the digital takeover. Cut together by hand with rewinds, a tape splicer and a lightbox.